Google Consent Mode v2 - what it is and what changes need to be implemented by March 2024

Learn more about Consent Mode v2 - the latest version of Google's tool in response to changing data protection regulations and marketing requirements.

Jakub Kużelewski
Feb 5, 2024
5 min


The protection of personal data on the Internet is an area experiencing an increasing number of regulations and changes aimed at ensuring users a safe and comfortable experience while browsing websites and applications. In response to growing consumer expectations and increasingly strict legislation, Google is introducing a new version of Consent Mode, an innovative tool that not only adapts to changing regulations but also focuses on enhancing marketing efficiency.

In the following article, we will take a closer look at Consent Mode v2, analyzing what it is, the changes it brings since March 2024, and why its implementation is essential from the standpoint of personal data security and marketing strategy.

What is Consent Mode?

Consent Mode is an advanced functionality offered by Google, allowing companies to customize the operation of their advertising and analytics tags based on the consents provided by users. With this feature, businesses can respect the privacy of their website visitors by adjusting data collection and conversion tracking to comply with current legal requirements for privacy, such as the GDPR.

The primary goal of Consent Mode is to enable the continuation of effective marketing and analytical activities even when users do not consent to all types of cookies. This tool dynamically adjusts Google tags, such as from Google Analytics 4 or Google Ads, to use cookies only to the extent that the user has consented. As a result, companies can better understand user behavior and the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns while respecting their privacy choices.

Consent Mode also utilizes conversion modeling to estimate missing data resulting from changes in consents, which helps maintain the accuracy of marketing measurements. This solution is key to maintaining a balance between complying with privacy regulations and implementing effective marketing strategies in the digital environment.

Update to Consent Mode v2 - what changes?

In the second version of Consent Mode, Google introduces two key elements that play a significant role in managing user data and personalizing ads. These are ad_user_data and ad_personalization. Below you will find a description of both elements and their significance for effective and regulatory-compliant use of the Google Ads advertising platform.


With ad_user_data, it is possible to collect information such as site activity, interactions with ad content, or product preferences. However, with the implementation of Consent Mode v2, the collection of these data is based on the user's consent. This gives users control over their data while providing advertisers with the necessary information to effectively personalize ad content.


Ad_personalization is another key element for advertising campaigns in Google Ads in the context of Consent Mode v2. This parameter determines whether user data should be used for ad personalization. Personalization is a key component of an effective advertising strategy, allowing users to receive content that is more relevant and appealing to them.

Significance for advertisers

Ad_user_data and ad_personalization within Consent Mode v2 are crucial for advertisers seeking to balance campaign efficiency with respect for user privacy. By collecting data based on user consent, advertisers gain access to more accurate information, allowing for more precise targeting of ads. At the same time, the application of Consent Mode v2 meets the latest standards related to privacy protection, eliminating the risk of regulation violations and building trust among users, primarily by not irritating them.

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What changes starting March 2024?

The introduction of Consent Mode v2 is not just another version of the tool but also a step forward in ensuring the protection of personal data. From March this year, the new version will be fully compliant with the latest privacy regulations, such as GDPR or Apple's privacy initiatives.

This ensures that enterprises using Consent Mode can be confident they meet the highest privacy protection standards, and their regulatory compliance practices are up-to-date and in line with current legal requirements. An important aspect of the new version is also the improved transparency of the consent acquisition process. Consent Mode v2 enables users to more easily understand how their data is collected and used, contributing to building trust between the company and the customer.

Why is the implementation of Consent Mode v2 necessary?

A significant point to emphasize is that, according to Google's announcements, from March this year, using the Google Ads advertising platform will require having the latest version of Consent Mode on the website. This important notice introduces specific requirements for enterprises that want to maintain their presence in Google's advertising environment.

New requirements for Google Ads users from March 2024

The new policy is a step forward in ensuring consistency and compliance with privacy regulations, both on Google's part and according to global standards. The introduction of Consent Mode v2 becomes not only a choice favoring data security and marketing effectiveness but also a necessary condition for those who want to continue leveraging the advertising potential offered by Google Ads.

The introduction of this new requirement further emphasizes the importance of updating and adjusting tracking technologies and personal data management to the latest standards. Thus, enterprises that rely on advertising campaigns in Google Ads have an additional reason to quickly implement Consent Mode v2 on their websites. It's not just a matter of regulatory compliance but also a business strategy that keeps pace with the times, considering the latest trends and market demands.

Personal data security

In an era of increasingly complex threats related to personal data security, every company that collects information from users should prioritize protecting this data. Consent Mode v2 is a response to growing consumer expectations regarding the security of their privacy.

This tool allows companies to configure tracking only for users who have given their consent, thereby eliminating the risk of violating privacy regulations. This not only provides peace of mind but also minimizes the risk of financial penalties associated with violating personal data protection regulations.

Marketing campaign efficiency

Consent Mode v2 not only protects user privacy but also opens new opportunities in the marketing field. Thanks to precise control over data collection, companies can better understand the preferences and behaviors of their customers, thereby more accurately targeting their actions and reaching people with specific preferences more effectively.

The introduction of new analytical features allows for a better understanding of customers' purchase paths, and the appropriate selection of content and offers for specific target groups will undoubtedly bring additional savings to companies. As a result, Consent Mode v2 becomes not just a tool for compliance but also a key component of the marketing strategy, increasing the effectiveness of actions and improving the return on investment.


Consent Mode v2 represents a step forward in the field of online privacy protection while simultaneously offering companies the opportunity to enhance the efficiency of their marketing efforts. Compliance with the latest regulations, transparency of the consent process, and the ability to precisely control user data make this tool an essential element for any company operating in the digital environment.

The introduction of Consent Mode v2 not only protects enterprises from the risk of violating privacy regulations but also opens the door to new marketing opportunities, and most importantly, allows the continuation of Google Ads campaigns.

Support from DataDise analysts

As DataDise, we offer comprehensive support in implementing Consent Mode v2, ensuring that the solutions implemented are certified by Google and tailored to the needs of both privacy protection and marketing efforts optimization. We utilize tools such as Cookiebot and Onetrust, among others.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of Google's online analytics environment, enabling our clients to operate not only in compliance with the latest standards regarding user consents but also to gain a deeper understanding and use of data for more effective marketing communication.

We specialize in the configuration, optimization, integration, and personalization of analytical tools, allowing marketing departments to rest easy and focus on creative and media planning of campaigns, entrusting us with the analytical front.

Our internet analytics specialists continuously oversee and control consent acquisition procedures, ensuring their transparency and effective contribution to increasing user engagement and optimizing conversions.

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