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Our expertise in Data & Analytics is not just about precision but also about developing actionable strategies that yield tangible results.

We steer businesses towards their objectives and visions with each data point, blending this with our uncompromising RNA principles.


Every data point is clearly defined and understood universally across all stakeholders. This approach eliminates ambiguity, fostering a common language and understanding of data.


We ensure that data is authentic, meaning it is accurately collected and technically sound. We prioritize the integrity and reliability of data, as real data forms the bedrock of meaningful analysis.


The data we use is carefully selected to suit both the business context and the specific phenomena under study, ensuring relevance and impact for effective decision-making process.

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Analytics Services


Verification of the correct implementation of Google Analytics, GTM and marketing scripts on your websites and mobile applications.

Consent Mode

Selection of CMP tools and configuration for Polish, foreign and mixed websites. Configuration of Google Consent Mode settings and tag dependencies in GTM.

Analytics for

Configuration of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts. Account configuration, also for multiple domains and integration with advertising tools and more.

Analytics for
mobile apps

Analysis of measurement needs for mobile applications. Tool selection. Implementation documentation, testing and collaboration with software houses.


Collaboration with agencies in terms of correctly measuring campaign effects, accounting, and maximizing conversions and ROAS.


Continuous subscription-based care over analytical tools. Updating and monitoring the accuracy of measured data. Responding to market and legal changes to maintain the analytics area.


Designing customized analytics dashboards to meet your company's unique needs. They facilitate the monitoring of key indicators and effective data management.

User experience

Improving user interactions with your website to increase engagement and satisfaction.  We apply the latest design techniques and analyze user behavior to make the site intuitive and customer-friendly.


Developing and implementing strategies to maximize the impact of marketing and sales efforts. We focus on increasing conversion rates through improved processes and marketing techniques.


Training and workshops in web analytics, tailored to the business realities of the client and their own needs.


Consultations in the field of web analytics, tailored to business needs, including customer journey and e-commerce analysis.

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"I'm very satisfied with DATADISE's services in the area of marketing data management and marketing technology. Their team of specialists possesses not only knowledge and experience in automotive marketing but also a passion for what they do. I recommend DataDise to all those who are looking for the highest quality digital marketing services."

Łukasz Wójcik

Marketing & PR Director, 
Astara Poland - Mitsubishi Motors

"DATADISE is a team of highly competent professionals with a deep understanding of the automotive industry and marketing. I have collaborated with them on several projects for dealers and am very satisfied with the results of their work. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable, and their ability to practically apply marketing tools is impressive. I recommend DATADISE to anyone looking for a proven business partner who will professionally execute a marketing project, especially in the automotive industry!"

Tomasz Nowakowski

CTO | Board member

Piotr Kaźmierczak
"I was impressed by their team, which has the most on-time knowledge and experience.Thanks to DATADISE's work, we launched an issue-free website, achieving high Google and market rankings. They excelled at project management, with timely progress reports and delivery."

Piotr Kaźmierczak

Marketing Manager, Grupa Gezet


We leverage advanced technology to amplify your marketing efforts. Gain real-time insights, optimize dealership performance, ensure optimal visibility across locations and stay ahead by understanding the competitive landscape.

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In our "Insightful Data&Analytics" offering, we focus on delivering services that reinforce a data-driven approach in marketing operations (MarketingOps). Our specialized services provide your business with precise measurement tools, in-depth analyses and optimization of marketing strategies.

We support the maximization of marketing and sales efficiency. Our aim is to enable businesses to better understand and respond to their customers' needs, leading to enhanced growth and competitiveness in the market.

Analytics audit

Comprehensive review of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and marketing scripts implementation. This service involves a thorough examination of the deployment of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and various marketing scripts across your web and mobile platforms. It includes a detailed check of event tracking accuracy and the timing of key event and conversion measurements. Our approach evaluates the effectiveness and quality of GTM scripts, scrutinizes the overall account hygiene and reviews naming standards and both implementation and analytical documentation. Based on our findings, we provide strategic recommendations to enhance your web analytics practices, ensuring more accurate data collection and insightful analysis.

Consent Mode configuration

Tailored Consent Management Platform tool selection and configuration for various websites. Our service extends to selecting and configuring the most suitable CMP tools for Polish, international and hybrid websites. We specialize in fine-tuning Google Consent Mode settings and managing tag dependencies within Google Tag Manager. A key aspect of our offering is maintaining the accuracy and relevance of data transmission, ensuring compliance with current data protection regulations and standards.

Analytics for websites

In-depth Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager account configuration. We offer specialized services in setting up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts, catering to complex environments including multi-domain setups. Our expertise includes integration with advertising platforms, implementing Google Signals and archiving data within Google BigQuery. Additionally, we craft customized, regular and one-time reports to meet specific business requirements, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Analytics for mobile applications

Comprehensive analytics planning and implementation for mobile apps. Our services encompass a detailed analysis of your mobile app’s analytics needs, followed by the selection of appropriate tools and strategies. We deliver complete implementation documentation, conduct rigorous testing and collaborate closely with software development teams. Our analytics configuration is tailored to your app’s specifics and we prepare both regular and one-time reports to support your strategic objectives.

Marketing analytics

Enhanced agency collaboration for optimal campaign measurement. We collaborate with marketing agencies to ensure precise measurement of campaign outcomes, focusing on conversion optimization and ROAS maximization. Our services include managing and creating conversion tags, transferring enriched data and verifying the accuracy of implementations. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and ensure data-driven decision-making.

Analytics maintenance

Proactive and continuous analytical tools management. Our maintenance service involves constant, subscription-based oversight of your analytical tools. We focus on regular updates and rigorous accuracy checks of your data metrics. Additionally, we proactively respond to market and legal changes, ensuring that your analytics practices remain compliant and effective amidst the evolving business landscape.

Custom analytics dashboards

Designing customized analytics dashboards to meet your company's unique needs. They facilitate the monitoring of key indicators and effective data management. These interactive dashboards allow for quick analysis and real-time strategy adjustments, increasing their effectiveness.

User experience enhancement

Our service is focused on elevating the quality of user interaction with your digital platforms. We delve deep into user behavior analytics to understand how users interact with your website or application. This service includes a comprehensive analysis of user journey maps, interface design and usability testing. We identify pain points and areas for improvement, aiming to enhance overall user satisfaction and engagement. By optimizing navigation, streamlining content layout and improving accessibility, we ensure a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience, leading to increased customer retention and brand loyalty.

Conversion optimization

Our service is designed to boost the effectiveness of your website or application in converting visitors into customers. We employ a range of analytics tools to analyze user behavior, identify barriers to conversion and understand what drives your audience. This includes A/B testing, heat mapping and funnel analysis. We then implement targeted strategies such as optimizing landing pages, refining call-to-action buttons and personalizing user experiences. Our approach is tailored to your specific business goals and customer profiles, aiming to increase conversion rates, enhance ROI and drive business growth through data-driven insights and strategic changes.

Skills training

Bespoke web analytics training and workshops. Our training programs are designed to align with the unique business environments and specific needs of our clients. We provide specialized workshops in web analytics, including in-depth training sessions on Google Analytics 4. These educational offerings are tailored to empower your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize analytics tools.

Professional consultation

Tailored web analytics consultation for business needs. We offer expert consultations in web analytics, customizing our approach to suit your specific business objectives. This includes an in-depth analysis of customer journey and e-commerce strategies, providing you with actionable insights and recommendations to enhance your online presence and sales.


Explore our comprehensive FAQs section to find in-depth answers to frequently asked questions about our wide range of services, innovative solutions and industry expertise.

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