Key data management trends that will transform digital marketing in 2024

Discover key data management trends that will transform digital marketing in 2024. Learn how data centralization, ethics in data management and the use of AI.

Jakub Kużelewski
Apr 20, 2024
5 min


The dynamic nature of digital marketing is fueled by continuous technological innovations and shifts in consumer behavior. In the coming year, several new data management trends will significantly influence marketing strategies. Discover the upcoming changes in the industry and how they can be utilized to enhance customer engagement.

1. Data centralization in the Zero Copy data strategy

The "Zero Copy Data" strategy is moving towards the centralization of customer data, eliminating unnecessary duplication across systems and platforms. This approach not only enhances data security but also operational efficiency, leading to reduced data management costs. Reviewing privacy policies and communication protocols within this model is crucial for protecting privacy and preventing data breaches.

2. Increased consumer awareness about personal data

It is alarming that only 3% of consumers feel they have control over their data online. Download the Think with Google report. Companies that effectively address these concerns through transparency and better data management practices gain customer loyalty. Research shows that nearly half of the consumers would switch brands in favor of those that better protect their privacy.

3. Striving for personalization while protecting data

Brands are increasingly aware that service and product personalization must go hand in hand with responsible data management. Companies are expected to boldly integrate activities across various teams—from data management to customer service—to create more cohesive and efficient consumer experiences.

4. Artificial antelligence as the driver of hyper-personalization

AI is becoming a key tool in tailoring offers to individual user needs, utilizing advanced data analytics and machine learning. Companies that effectively employ AI for personalization achieve greater success in building long-term relationships with customers.

5. Increasing role of ethics in data management

As awareness of privacy grows, more companies are beginning to emphasize the ethical aspects of data management. An ethical approach to data not only strengthens consumer trust but also protects companies from potential scandals and crises related to data breaches.


These new approaches to data management have the potential not only to transform digital marketing but also to create deeper and more valuable relationships with customers. Responsible and innovative data management will be crucial for companies wanting to lead in an increasingly competitive environment.


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