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We are your trusted partner in the field of digital marketing for the automotive industry – created by practitioners for market practitioners. Our company specializes in delivering innovative solutions based on data, marketing technologies and advanced IT tools. Our services encompass comprehensive support in the realm of marketing operations, enabling importers and car dealers to efficiently manage data, achieve business objectives and maintain a leading edge in innovation.

Understanding the automotive industry

Our core strength lies in our profound understanding of the automotive industry. With experience on both sides – as importers and dealers – we are capable of delivering solutions perfectly tailored to the specific needs of our clients in this sector.

Masters of marketing operations

Our exceptional offering includes Marketing Operations, a realm encompassing comprehensive data management, marketing technology and IT tools. We assist clients in harnessing the power of data, effectively utilizing web analytics and providing solutions customized to their unique requirements.

Leaders in MarTech innovations

We aspire to become synonymous with innovation in digital marketing. Our proprietary solutions, as well as those we leverage, are built on the latest technologies, enabling clients to maintain their competitive edge.

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Our focus is on Marketing Operations based on MarTech innovations to provide tailored solutions. More than just providers, we act as strategic partner in your journey, offering insights and strategies that resonate with your business needs.

Our strong automotive background, developed by industry practitioners, enables us to deeply understand and meet the specific demands of the automotive sector. We pride ourselves on transparently showcasing our work and actively sharing our expertise, ensuring that every action we take is aligned with our commitment to driving success for our partners.

Our team

A dynamic blend of industry experts and innovative minds. Dedicated to driving your digital marketing success.

Łukasz Papierowski

CEO & Co-Founder

Jędrzej Basiński

CTO | Chief Technology Officer

Jakub Kużelewski

CDAO | Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Marek Jeziorek

CDO | Chief Design Officer (UX & UI)

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