Cookiebot - CMP Platform for cookie consent management

Overview of Cookiebot CMP: features, benefits, pricing, and compliance support for GDPR and CCPA.

Jakub Kużelewski
Apr 20, 2024
5 min


Privacy and personal data protection regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Upon visiting our website, you were most likely greeted by a banner asking for your consent to process your data.

On our website, we use a CMP tool called Cookiebot. Such tools are essential for every website and business active on the Internet. Cookiebot we use provides a simple yet powerful solution for managing cookie consents, ensuring compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other data protection regulations. Continue reading to learn about the capabilities of Cookiebot - a cookie consent management platform.

Cookiebot main features

  • Automatic scanning of pages for cookies and tracking scripts
  • Creation of personalized consent banners in compliance with the law
  • Seamless integration with popular platforms and CMS
  • Detailed reports and analytics on user consents

Cookiebot benefits

  • Facilitating compliance with international privacy regulations
  • Building trust and transparency among site visitors
  • Optimizing the cookie consent collection process
  • Google certification related to the required Consent Mode v2 starting March 2024

How Cookiebot works

Cookiebot automatically identifies all cookies and tracking scripts on the site, allowing users to give their consent through a personalized banner. Consents are then stored and managed according to applicable regulations.

Cookiebot pricing

Cookiebot's pricing is tailored to the needs of different types and sizes of websites, offering flexible subscription plans. Available options range from free plans for smaller sites to more advanced premium plans dedicated to large organizations and providing additional features (including banner customization) and enhanced consent management capabilities. Cookiebot's pricing is as follows:

Use cases

  • Sites using cookies to personalize content and ads. If your site collects user data to tailor the content or ads displayed, you must allow them to give their consent

  • Services using analytical tools. Sites using Google Analytics or other similar tools to track user behavior need consents for processing personal data.
  • E-commerce platforms. Online stores tracking shopping preferences and user behavior to optimize their offerings also need to ask for cookie consent.
  • Sites with external social plugins. Sites integrating social features, such as share buttons on Facebook or Twitter that may collect data, also require the implementation of a consent banner

In each of these cases, the cookie consent banner provided by solutions like Cookiebot is a key element in ensuring compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.

Cookiebot is an essential tool for any website wanting to comply with current regulations on privacy and personal data protection. Thanks to easy implementation and automation of processes, Cookiebot is invaluable in building trust and transparency online.

Implementing Cookiebot with DataDise

We invite you to register with Cookiebot to ensure your website's compliance with the latest data protection and privacy regulations. Register today using this link and discover how easy it is to manage cookie consents while building trust among users.

If you need support in the implementation and configuration process of Cookiebot, we are here to help. As experts in web analytics and consent management, we offer professional advice and technical support, so you can focus on your business, confident that your website is fully compliant with applicable regulations.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about our services and how we can support your business. We are a certified partner of Cookiebot.


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