What is the DMA - Digital Markets Act

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is a European Union initiative aimed at regulating digital markets to ensure fair competition.

Jędrzej Basiński
Mar 23, 2024
5 min

Introduction to the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is a European Union initiative aimed at regulating digital markets in a way that ensures fair competition and market openness. It's a response to the increasing dominance of certain large internet platforms.

Adopted by the European Union in 2022, the DMA is part of a comprehensive regulatory package intended to address the challenges and potentials of the digital single market. It aims to ensure fair competition and promote innovation by regulating the activities of large internet platforms acting as so-called "gatekeepers" due to their size and scope of operation.

In the context of the DMA, "gatekeepers" refer to large internet platforms that control access to digital markets due to their scale and operational reach, potentially leading to anti-competitive practices. The DMA seeks to limit such power, ensuring an open and fair environment for all market participants.

Since its adoption, the regulation has been subject to analysis and potential updates to effectively respond to the dynamically changing digital landscape and ensure effective protection for both consumers and smaller businesses against unfair market practices.

DMA Rules

The DMA establishes specific rules for digital "gatekeepers" to ensure equal opportunities in the digital market:

  • Prohibiting competition blocking. "Gatekeepers" cannot engage in practices that hinder other companies from entering the market or competing.
  • Enhancing transparency. Greater transparency in operations, including the algorithms used to promote content, is required.
  • Promoting interoperability. "Gatekeepers" must ensure their services are interoperable with other platforms to facilitate diverse user experiences.
  • Banning monopolistic practices. The DMA prohibits practices that could exclude smaller firms from the market.

Objective of the DMA

The goal of the DMA is to create a healthier digital ecosystem where innovation and competition can thrive without unfair advantages from dominant players, offering consumers more choices and smaller companies more effective competition opportunities.

Significance of the DMA for the future of digital markets

The DMA is a key step toward a more sustainable digital market development. By ensuring equal opportunities for all players, the DMA has the potential to revolutionize how digital markets operate, promoting innovation and consumer protection. By setting clear rules for dominant players, the DMA aims to ensure fair competition and greater opportunities for consumers and innovative businesses.


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