Data integration in automotive – the key to success for modern dealers

Data integration in the automotive industry is an essential step towards understanding and meeting customer expectations.

Jakub Kużelewski
Mar 23, 2024
5 min

Understanding customers and personalizing offers through data integration

Automotive customers are increasingly demanding and data integration is the foundation of an effective strategy. Combining online data, such as analyses from Google Analytics 4 (GA4), with offline information from showroom visits and test drives, allows for the creation of a comprehensive customer profile. This enables dealers and importers to not only personalize offers but also precisely target their marketing efforts, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Utilizing data is a powerful opportunity, which can also lead to misunderstandings when data are incorrect, incomplete, or interpreted out of context.

Operations optimization through data from Dealer Management System (DMS)

DMS provides valuable information about inventory, sales and after-sales services. Its integration with other systems offers a holistic view of a dealer's activity, aiding in inventory management, demand forecasting and customer service improvement.

Deeper understanding of customer needs through CRM data

Data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a treasure trove of knowledge about customers. Their integration with other data sets paves the way for personalized marketing strategies and building lasting relationships.

The role of Google BigQuery in data integration

BigQuery, a powerful data storage tool, is key in the integration process, enabling easy merging, transformation, and analysis of data from various sources. Thanks to its scalability and ability to handle vast volumes of data, BigQuery acts as a bridge connecting different data sets, allowing for practical conclusions to be drawn.

Coming soon is our article explaining what Google Big Query is and the role it plays.

Aggregation and visualization of data

A key stage in data utilization is their aggregation and visualization, which allows for a better understanding of complex patterns and trends. The DataDise tool offers specialized functions for collecting data from various sources and visually presenting it, enabling automotive dealers and importers to obtain a clear picture of the market and customer behaviors. Advanced analysis capabilities and intuitive dashboards help transform data from multiple sources into strategic knowledge, supporting decision-making and marketing efforts optimization.

How DataDise can help

DataDise specialists offer support in data integration, using tools like BigQuery, and optimizing business and marketing operations in the automotive industry. With experience and an individual approach, we help companies better understand their customers and improve sales results.


Data integration in the automotive industry is an essential step towards understanding and meeting customer expectations, as well as operational optimization. Dealers who effectively combine and analyze data gain a competitive edge, strengthening their market position. DataDise is here to support this process, offering its extensive experience and specialized knowledge.


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